10 Skills and Qualities of Excellent Web Content Writers

Web Content Writers

Web Content Writers, Anybody can write, but not just anybody can write as a web content writer does. 

Among the various kinds of writers, one of the most popular is web content writers. The job title pretty much explains the exact work they do, and that is to write content for websites. Basically, everything you read on a website is created by web content writers. Blog posts and articles, which are mainly the content of websites that Internet users visit, are products of the hard work of web content writers. This exact thing you are reading right now is authored by a web content writer.

Online is the way to go nowadays if you want to boost brand awareness and reach your target audience. Most businesses are found online because that’s where it’s quicker and easier to be known and seen in the age of digital technology. However, simply being there and having a good-looking website are still not enough if you don’t have relevant and effective content. To be specific, you need content that the audience can read, so they can understand your business, and so they can be helped with whatever needs they have. This is where web content writers perform significant tasks. Emphasis on “tasks” because their job (our job) is not “only” about writing. 

Understand and be enlightened by discovering the several requirements to be in this craft. Here are 10 skills and qualities of excellent web content writers. They sure are no joke! 

1 – Knowledge of proper grammar and punctuation

Web Content Writers

This is not the first on the list for nothing. Web content writers must know proper grammar. Using the universal language, English, excellent web content writers know the rules and guidelines. Every part of speech and its right usage are known to them. Understanding subject-verb agreement is like breathing to them. To boost, they know the proper use of punctuation, which is where many people commit a lot of mistakes. 

Good web content writers are not perfect. They also get confused sometimes. There may be grammar rules they overlook at times. Of course, they’re just humans after all. Nevertheless, their skills in grammar and punctuation are always standing a lot of steps ahead of others.     

2 – Creative

Web Content Writers

Imagine writing different kinds, lengths, and moods of content every day. You need an unlimited supply of creativity to do that and to do that as a profession for years! Website writers aim to market products and/or services without directly selling and promoting them. Instead, they use informative and interesting content related to the brand or to its services. 

Excellent web content writers are innovative. They are able to generate content ideas and topics no matter how many articles and blog posts they have already created. Together with that, they are creative with words, choice of words, and delivery of messages, so that every post is unique and fresh.  

3 – Can connect with the readers

Web Content Writers

If you are a writer, your major priority is your readers. You write for people to read. Because of that, your aim is to get their attention and to keep them reading. This is one of the most serious assignments of writers, and a powerful code to accomplish that is having the skill to connect with readers. 

Excellent web content writers can relate to their target audience, so they convey their message in a way that the readers can clearly understand even without hearing their actual voices. And even when these writers cannot totally relate to their target audience, probably due to generation gaps or varying cultures, they are wise and skillful to find or make a way to still connect with them. Even with such barriers, great content writers are able to send their message to readers as if the barriers didn’t exist in the first place.

4 – Reliable research skills

Web Content Writers

This is one of the keys to making ways where there seems to be no way for writing content that’s not the writer’s interest, belief, or knowledge: Research. 

Writers have reliable research skills. Even if some writers are not a fan of reading, doing research seems to be something they enjoy. They’re good at it too. 

Research is vital because that’s how you get facts straight. The more credible research you do, the more credible content you produce. Research-based content doesn’t disappoint and doesn’t fail. They come from legitimate and high-quality sources. Readers can trust content authored by web content writers who highly value research.   

5 – Updated with the latest trends

Web Content Writers

Because web content writers write for readers, they have techniques to make their write-ups worth clicking on and worth reading. Staying updated with the latest news and trends is among them. 

Clever content writers use or incorporate what’s hot and what’s the talk of the town into their outputs. The chances of getting visited are high because they are popular. Of course, excellent web content writers take advantage of them only in good ways.

Furthermore, they know the words, terms, expressions, and social media language that are being widely used all over the country or the globe. When applicable, content writers use them exactly in their articles to develop a familiar and relatable voice for readers. This makes the connection easier and more comfortable.

6 – Understanding of SEO

Web Content Writers

Web content writers have another big responsibility besides writing good content, and that is understanding SEO. They know the kind of titles, length, keyword volume, descriptions, and other factors that contribute (and do not contribute) to the SEO-friendliness of every content. They also know how to refurbish an article that’s not SEO-friendly to make it SEO-friendly. A website writer who also knows SEO methods is called an SEO content writer.

7 – Time management

Web Content Writers

Just like in every job, time management is pivotal in content writing. There is a quota of articles to be accomplished for every client, and there are deadlines to meet. Excellent website writers are reliable and dependable. They submit their outputs on or before the dates they are due. 

8 – Ability to work under pressure

Web Content Writers

Connected to the previous point, excellent content writers have the ability to work under pressure. Time constraints are a huge boulder. It’s difficult to stand against time, especially in such a job where the brain is the main source of all the products. Despite that, these writers can and will work all they can to finish what they’re told to do. They come up with strategies to help themselves perform faster than usual while still constructing top-notch content. 

9 – Patience and perseverance

Web Content Writers

You need to have loads of patience and perseverance if you want to be a writer. There are times when you feel like you don’t want to write, however, you need to push yourself because you have work to do. Some clients request more than one revision or addition. There are days when you suddenly want to stop right in the middle of writing an article. The inspiration is sometimes not enough, or it’s just that you feel impatient and want to conclude it already. Content writers need to be patient with their job and with themselves too.

And if you’re planning to be a web content writer for a long time, you definitely need the perseverance to keep squeezing your creative juices for more ideas and more words for your seemingly endless content writing. 

10 – Honest and virtuous

Web Content Writers

Last but certainly never least, excellent content writers are honest and virtuous. They are haters of fake and fabricated news. They don’t lie just to get read. That’s what makes them highly credible and dependable. 

They don’t write anything that’s against their own beliefs, faith, and standpoints in life. Regardless of what good financial profit or recognition they might be entitled to in their profession, excellent content writers don’t trade their values for anything.



There you have them! I’m sure the list above is enough to inform you about the weight of being a web content writer. Many people using websites are not aware that there are professionals behind the content they read, enjoy, and are being informed with, but now, you know!

Writing is not easy. On top of that, writing for websites and for businesses is a different kind of responsibility. Considering numerous factors, including the client’s needs, the content’s quality, the SEO demands, the current trends, and the readers’ needs, content writing is doubtlessly one tough job. The work is definitely colorful and challenging in many ways, so it takes a lot of excellent skills and qualities to become an excellent web content writer. 

Are you an SEO company, a creative agency, a digital marketing firm, or any type of business? You need skillful web content writers. Are you aiming to become a content writer in any of these ventures? Make sure you have and develop excellent skills and qualities of web content writers as written above.    



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host, and a voice-over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for Orion Creative, a digital agency, and design studio in Sydney, building greater possibilities for brands and businesses of all sorts. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University-Manila, the Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

10 Skills and Qualities of Excellent Web Content Writers

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