Pitfalls Of Not Using Digital Marketing For Your Business

Pitfalls Of Not Using Digital Marketing For my Business. With the growth of technology and the use of digital channels, it has become easier for businesses to market themselves, reach out to their customers, and keep their customers engaged. If a business decides not to use the marketing channels provided by the Internet, it is […]

Technology’s Moral and Ethical Consequences

Technology’s Moral and Ethical Consequences, Individuals and organizations, whether in business, education, construction, or medicine, are using technology to improve their day-to-day activities. Technological advancement does not cause moral or ethical concerns; rather, the use of technological advancement makes. This blog aims to know about a list of the most pressing ethical issues today. What […]

General Health Goods: We need them. So How Do We Get It?

Last week the WHO presented a special issue for Health Systems & Reform on “Common Goods for Health” – services that have a significant impact on health and a clear economic reason for funding if not provided jointly. However, unless disaster strikes, we often do not invest a little in these General Health Equipment — […]

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