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What makes good content? 

creating successful content, Qualitative content should not only ensure higher visibility in the search results but of course, also turn users into customers in the long term. 

It should have added value, tell a story, answer user questions, be a problem solver, and also be useful in the long term.

A big task! That is why we have put together this content for a successful content strategy.

Writing Successful Content

Steps to Writing a Converting Content 

Determine your buyer personas 

The target group of your content marketing strategy results in part from the goals: Is it content for existing customers or to advertise new ones? 

Here it can also help to create so-called buyer personas, which give the desired user a clear face and help to optimize the content in a targeted manner. 

If the target group is clear, a personal language style can be worked out that both addresses the target group and represents the company, says Chatty.

Research: An important part of the content marketing strategy 

No content without a topic! You should start by researching topics that fit your business and target audience, according to business pally. 

Talk to friends, colleagues or start a customer survey. Of course, you can also check which topics your competition is dealing with and get inspired.

Then the demand should be ensured: Is it a topic that is often searched for? 

Then your content can ensure more visibility on your site and should be included in your content marketing strategy! 

So very important: always keep in mind which topics fit your target group and which content website visitors would like to consume from you. 

This is the only way to create added value for the user and build a relationship with them.    

Another important step at this point is to form so-called topic clusters.

In other words, you structure your content into clear segments and thus offer the user suitable and relevant information about their concerns.

On the one hand, the user experiences a better content experience, on the other hand, your Google ranking is pushed, says Techpally boss.

If you combine this with the right keywords and internal links, this shows your technical expertise and also supports your ranking on Google.    

 Create an editorial Plan for your Content Strategy 

Yes, who actually cares? In the case of small companies, it quickly becomes clear who is responsible for creating the content; for larger companies.

According to Techpally Business magazine, is important to define responsibilities in a binding manner.

Who does what and when it will be done? An editorial plan simplifies planning and helps to keep track.    

Determine Distribution & content formats 

Another important point that you should consider is which channels you use to display your content and which content formats you choose.

Choose between your own social media channels, email newsletters, a company blog, and much more.

You then decide whether you want the content e.g. B. wants to provide in the form of text, images, or videos. 

Visual stimuli are often underestimated – hardly any user would like to read a 3-page essay without pictures. 

Especially not via smartphone. Images, graphics, and videos ensure that your content is “easily digestible” and interesting.

At best, you use your own image material, because authentic images strengthen trust in your company. So be sure to include it in your content marketing strategy.

It also often happens that posts are made live but are not subsequently distributed on other channels such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Nevertheless, you should not post everything on every channel: some content is only suitable for certain formats, businesspally boss advised.

This should be taken into account in the framework, i.e. in the general conditions of your writing successful content marketing strategy.

We will be happy to help you put together the right channels and relevant content for your content strategy for your company!

Creating successful content 

It’s finally starting! Are you excited about this part of your writing successful content marketing strategy?

Don’t rush: good content doesn’t take five minutes to write. Be careful not to write completely from the gut. 

Optimize your content directly for the search engine, and adapt it to your target group and the respective channel.

Very important: Make a plan and use suitable keywords to produce relevant content.

Business pally inkle Writing Successful Content
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