Limes Rules

Guidelines for Limes is an open stage that exists to share thoughts and points of view from the world’s most clever writers, thinkers, and storytellers.

Every member in our community is answerable for keeping up with these standards.

violations of our rules might bring about results, for example, account limitations, restricted distributions of your posts, and suspension of your record. Medium has the sole position and ultimate choice with regards to whether content or conduct disregards our principles.


Threats of violence and incitement

We don’t permit content or activities that threaten, encourage, or induce savagery against anybody, directly or indirectly.

Hateful content

We don’t permit content that comprises or promotes violence, harassment, or hatred against people dependent on qualities like race, nationality,religion, caste, disability,age, sexual orientation, gender, or gender character.

We don’t permit hateful text, pictures, images, or other content, including in your username, profile, or bio.


Bullying, threatening, ridiculing, or disgracing somebody, or posting things likely to encourage others to do as such

Guest post Guidelines

– Your guest post should be 1000-1500+ words in length.
– Break up your content, So its easy to read.
– Write in a natural content, so it’s easy to read.
– content must be original,duplicate or vulgar content will not accept.
– Always name your sources
– Need to add Meta title, meta description on your guest post.
– Need to add author name and author profile link
– Need to add image 

You need to follow limes guidelines and rules.

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