Technology’s Moral and Ethical Consequences

Technology’s Moral and Ethical Consequences, Individuals and organizations, whether in business, education, construction, or medicine, are using technology to improve their day-to-day activities. Technological advancement does not cause moral or ethical concerns; rather, the use of technological advancement makes. This blog aims to know about a list of the most pressing ethical issues today. What […]

New Sensors Could Enable Smarter Textiles

New sensors may allow smarter textiles. UD engineers make use of carbon nanotubes as composites for coatings. A team of scientists from the University of Delaware (UD) is developing an advanced generation of smarter textiles by creating flexible carbon nanotube-based composite coatings for many different fibers like wool, nylon, and cotton. They have published their […]

Importance of Properties of Materials which no one wants you to know!

Machine elements are fairly often made of one in each of the metals or metal alloys like steel, PROPERTIES OF aluminum, cast iron, zinc, titanium, or bronze. This section describes the important materials as they affect mechanical design. Strength, elastic, and ductility properties for metals, plastics, and other sorts of materials are usually determined from […]

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